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The Aurora Highlands

Aurora Highlands is a place where everything connects. The people, activities, and ideas are deeply connected with each other. The idea about one incredible connection leads anyone to another, and then the other, and another. Living at The Aurora Highlands, connections just makes life unexpected, motivating, exciting, and fulfilling. Located in between the mountain range and in between the plains, The Aurora Highlands in Aurora, CO is perfectly situated to connect everyone to the busy city life, as well as the peaceful wide-open spaces of Colorado, and the community of diverse and warm welcoming neighbors, schools, restaurants, shops and so much more.


This neighborhood in Aurora, Colorado  isn’t just a big modernized idea in communities. The Aurora Highlands is putting Aurora on the verge of a fun, big, and exciting future. The neighborhood is the region’s most distinctive amazing and inspiring development. A one-of-a-kind place that links suburban and urban life, plains and mountains, extraordinary people, and vibrant possibilities.

The dynamic development is bringing a new style of homes to the front row with new opportunities to the region, and a new sense of pride to the whole community. Inclusivity and warm welcoming, The Aurora Highlands is offering a range of various housing options at your capable price points. From single to multi-family homes, to affordable and luxury offerings, there’s always something for everyone. The diverse, unique, and much-needed developmental plan has been sorely missing in Colorado.


The main goal of the neighborhood is to enable connections like knowing your neighbors, working close to where you live. Being a part of something bigger than just yourself. They aim to make everyone feel that they are connected with the neighborhood’s vision, and everyone to become part of it. They make sure that the residents, businesses, even the visitors to be brought all together under one whole community. They make sure that the neighborhood’s location connects everyone to more things that you want out for everyone’s lives – careers, dining, short or long trips into the city, shopping, and recreational activities. Whatever you think you need or want to do, the Master Plan that they created will fuel it. EZ Aurora Junk Removal


Hogan Park at Highlands Creek is the focal point for The Aurora Highlands. The neighborhood is developing an open area to be the gathering place for all residents and visitors, whatever activities you plan.

Recreational amenities at The Aurora Highlands include an indoor Water Park and Ice and Recreation Center.

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