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TV Recycling & Disposal

Nearly every home in the United States has a television. In many cases, American households have multiple TVs, one in every bedroom, rec room, and family room. It is also not unusual for a TV to be installed in the kitchen of American homes. There are many reasons why people watch TV. The main reason is entertainment, which is mostly contributed to media outlets, shopping networks, and sitcoms.

A name-brand television has a service life of up to 5 years. As new technology is introduced, manufacturers are researching effective integration strategies. With the newly integrated technologies, manufacturers are more competitive in an already highly competitive market.

Manufacturers must determine what consumers want from their televisions. Do they want a cinema-style screen, a media player, video streaming, smart capability, clear, crisp sound, or all these features? With the new state-of-the-art technologies, TV manufacturers can give their customers the best of both worlds.

Legally Disposing Of Old TVs

One of the most difficult components of owning a TV is disposal. You receive years of amazing service from your quality television. So, when it is time to let it go, you may find it a difficult process. Not only are you emotionally attached to the TV but also you must find the best disposal strategy.

  • Old TV Recycling – Recycling is one of the safest and most legal ways to dispose of preowned televisions. Land-based recycling centers accept old units as a whole or as individual components. Contact your local recycling center to inquire about the TV disposal protocol
  • Old TV Donating – If you are just replacing your older television and it is still in good working condition, donating will be your best disposal method. Offer the TV to friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family members before contacting a local charity. Nonprofit organizations turn old TV sets into money by having them taken apart and the good components recycled
  • Landfill – In the past, landfills accepted old televisions for disposal. However, this is gradually changing, as state officials are adopting ban regulations for preowned TV and other electronic devices. If your landfill continues to accept old TVs, you may decide this is the best disposal route for your household
  • Junk Removal – We own and operate a local junk removal service, which includes the pickup, haul, and drop-off at a facility of your preference. Our old TV removal is customizable to ensure cost-efficiency and time-efficiency.

To learn more about our TV removal, reach out to our local junk removal team.

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