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Buckley Air Force Base

Located at Aurora, Colorado within a few a minute drive from Denver is the Buckley Air Force Base. The base is situated behind a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. The base was a former National Guard base that has been developed to fit the needs of the Denver military area after the closing of the Peterson Air Force Base. The base has been the home of the 460th Space Wing. The wing aims to defend the United States with any possible air operations, space communications operations, and space-based warning systems as well as surveillance of the air space. The wing has three groups under its command which are the Mission Support, Medical Group, and Operations. It also houses the base of the Colorado Army National Guard and the Colorado Air National.

In all the 77 tenant units that are located at Buckley, in the city of Aurora some of them were part of the National Reconnaissance Office and the National Security Agency. Buckley has been a great backbone for all the 88,000 personnel although only 1445 are Air Force members and 109 civilians are currently residing at the base. The base has been growing phase so they could accommodate all the support assignments that were given. Many of the operations are just temporary facilities and new buildings are constantly being added.


Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, CO started as a simply Army post back in 1942 and was later named after the 1st Lieutenant John Buckley who died during his service while on a combat strafing mission in France during the First World War. It was originally constructed for the Army Air Corps as a technical school for future crewmen of the B-17 and B-24 bombers. Until the end of the first World War, it was turned into an auxiliary field for Lowry Air Force Base in 1946.


Base housing is not really common for all of us because of its new energy-efficient homes located off base. Housing units are privatized and must be an eligible military member are entitled to choose to live on base as their basic housing allowance for paying rents on base or rent/buy properties off base EZ Aurora Junk Removal


The base has a brand new medium-sized Base Exchange and commissary. The Base Exchange features a mini-mall with just standard stores for beauty, grooming, alteration, florist, optical shop, fast food outlets, and dry-cleaning services. There is also a medical clinic and a small community hospital on base for emergency and urgent services.

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