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Trampoline, Playset, & Above Ground Pool Removal

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Kids will congregate with their friends and spend hours on the playground. Swinging, sliding, climbing, and circling are just a few things children can do on playground equipment. Parents feel it is important their children get the recommended amount of exercise daily. To entice their children to participate in physical activities, they buy them outdoor playsets. Children’s playsets come in a variety of designs, with swings, slides, monkey bars, rock walls, basketball goals, and fire poles.

Playsets provide hours, weeks, months, and years of entertainment for children of all ages. This is great and all, but what happens when children outgrow their playsets? When your child hits a milestone, where he feels too old for the playset, your only option is to get rid of it. There are several disposal methods for preowned playsets. These options are listed in the content provided in the content below.

Playset Disposal Solutions

What happens when playsets deteriorate beyond use? The disposal will be your only option at this point. While the disposal is your only option, it is divided into several more options. These options include recycling, donation, and landfill.

Playset Donation – This option is suitable for most preowned playsets, regardless of the condition. Some charities accept old playsets that are in good working condition. Others accept playsets in fair and poor condition as well. Some of the old playsets will be sent to a thrift store, where they will be sold for a profit. The proceeds go to support the charity’s initiative.

Some nonprofit agencies will donate good preowned playsets to families in need. Consumers can also donate their preowned playsets in good operating condition to neighbors, friends, co-workers, and kinfolks.

Some handymen spend their workdays collecting old scrap metal. These individuals will gladly pick up your old playset as long as it is metal. They advertise their service through local newspapers and online ads. Pick up a local newspaper to find the contact information for a handyman looking for playsets and other components constructed from metal.

Playset Recycling – Most materials utilized to make playsets are recyclable. Contact your local recycling center to determine what playset materials can be recycled. All metal and plastic components will fetch a decent profit. However, you may be required to break the playset day prior to recycling. Again, validate if your playset qualifies for recycling and whether or not, it needs to be disassembled before dropping off.

Playset Landfill Disposal

Most landfills accept old playsets. Of course, you may need to disassemble the playset before your local landfill will accept it. The US Environmental Protection Agency “EPA” encourages American consumers to find safer disposal alternatives than landfills and dumps. When playsets end up in landfills, they generate dangerous greenhouse gases, which have contributed to climate change.

Avoid landfill disposal until it is your last resort.

Do-It-Yourself Playhouse Disassembly

If you determine your playhouse must be broken down into individual components, you will be responsible for the disassembly. Fortunately, the disassembly of an old playhouse does not need to be difficult or time-consuming. However, the larger the preowned playhouse, the longer the disassembly will take to complete. Gather your tools – hammer, screwdriver set, socket set, pry bar, pliers, and snips – to prepare for the disassembly.

Starting with the disassembly, utilize the right tools to remove the roof. Remove the swings, followed by the slide. Continue to disassemble the playhouse until all the components are in individual pieces.

Disassemble A Trampoline In Less than An Hour

The trampoline is another large piece of playground equipment. If you are planning to dispose of the trampoline at a local landfill, it must be disassembled in advance. Fortunately, trampoline disassembly does not need to be difficult. With the right tools, manpower, and mechanical skills, you will have your old trampoline disassembled in no time flat.

The first step is to gather your tools – hammer, pliers, pry bar, screwdriver set, socket set, and snips.  Remove the safety net and place it in the non-recyclable pile. Remove the sleeve and foam to access the frame pad, which can now be disassembled from the trampoline frame.

Remove the safety pad to access the t-anchors and trampoline platform. Disassemble the metal poles to complete the process.

Disassemble A Swing Set

Like most large playground equipment, old swing sets must be fully disassembled before recycling. Utilizing the right tools, swing sets of all sizes and designs can be disassembled in less than an hour and a half. Remove the swings first to get them out of the way. Utilize a battery-powered drill to remove the bolts that attach the slide from the swing set.

Once the swings, slides, and monkey bars are disassembled, if possible, try to lay the swing set on its side. This will give you quick and easy access to the bolts along with the frame. Continue removing the components until they are in individual pieces.

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