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Plains Conservation Center

An Aurora-based center that keeps the students and adults exploring and learning new things of the prairie ecosystem for better appreciation of the cultural history of Colorado through varieties of educational programs that are organized by Denver Botanic Gardens with the help of the City of Aurora. The Gardens manage programming at Plains Conservative Center of Aurora.

As per the municipal requirements, the wearing of masks will be enforced. Non-vaccinated visitors are highly encouraged to wear masks. Practicing social distancing like maintaining a six feet distance away from visitors that are not with you.

Homeschool and Scout Programs

Encourage your kids to grow their awareness of how prairie living works, learn ecology studies, and have a better appreciation for the natural world with a program spearheaded by Denver Botanic Gardens held at Plains Conservation Center which is located at 21901 E Hampden Ave, Aurora, CO.

  • All programs offered can be modified during the event in case of inclement weather. Cancellations due to extreme natural situations may be rescheduled only if a mutually aggregable date has been available in the schedule.
  • Advance registration and pre-payment must be done for all programs that are offered.

Homeschool and Scout Tours

Trying to look for a fun and educational outdoor program for your homeschool co-op, spiring scout ranger, or probably a small group of students? Denver Botanic Gardens are happy to guide school group tours to foster children’s nature to align with Colorado Academic Standards that are offered for students in grades K-12. Advance registration must be done to secure your child’s slot.

Science and Research

Horticultural Research – The core of the research is the process of identifying and promoting sustainable horticulture practices. Trialing plants in determining their sustainability to a climate or its specific characteristics such as yield, flower color, fruit size has been practiced for more than 11,000 years.

Biodiversity Research – They focus their efforts on utilizing scientific methods in expanding their knowledge of regional, national, and global biodiversity to share with stakeholders to promote biodiversity conservation and proper education.

Citizen Science Programs – This program is a community-based approach in participatory research that is open to many professional researchers as well as community members to collect data and analyze results. Richer understanding is possible if altogether are inquiring. EZ Aurora Junk Removal


Membership is always in for the whole year. Considering support from Denver Botanic Gardens through every purchase of membership. Individuals and families, supporters and patrons, or just pure contribution are the options for the membership.


Address: 21901 E Hampden Ave, Aurora, Colorado

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