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Launch Pad Brewery

The essence of the Launch Pad Brewery of Aurora began its journey in 2014 after a party with friends. The owner David Levesque together with his wife Erin Levesque hosted a pumpkin-themed party and one of their friends have suggested David craft a pumpkin beer for the party. David was an avid homebrewer so he did so. After the said part, multiple of his guests commented how great his pumpkin brew was and someone actually suggested that he should open a brewery.

The next he started working on his business plan. After a few days of working on his proposed business, he then realized it has a big probability of success. He proposed with his best friend, Henry, and suggested that they would take in the endeavor as a team.

Launch Pad Brewery of Aurora, Colorado opened its doors on July 25th in 2015 and continues to expand time after time. LPD only started with a 1.25-barrel brewhouse. The first year in the business of LPB brewed and packaged 305 barrels of beer until it has expanded to four 7-barrel fermenters.


  1. Trinity Belgian Tripel – $3.74 for 5oz and $7.25 for 100z
    It is a strong and smooth triple in the traditional brewing of Belgian
  1. Point Nemo: Raspberry Lime- $2.25 for 5oz and $6.50 for 13oz
    It is fruited sour with raspberry puree, sea salt, and lime peel.
  2. Headless Astronaut Pumpkin Amber- $2.50 for 5oz and $6.75 for16oz
    A pumpkin steamed beer with pumpkin and pumpkin spices added EZ Aurora Junk Removal
  1. A Brief History of Time – $2.25 for 5oz and $6.50 for 16oz
    An American take on its traditional English classic roots
  1. Joint Activities – $4.00 for 5oz draft and $8.00 for 100oz draft
    A traditional Baltic Porter with hints of cocoa and coffee
  1. Blast Off Brown – $2.25 for 5oz and $6.50 for 16oz
    A sensational English brown ale with flavors of hazelnuts
  1. Event Horizon – $2.25 for 50oz draft and $6.50 for 100oz draft
    A blend of Amarillo, Idaho 7, and Sabro hops.
  2. Starliner – $2.75 for 50oz draft and $7.00 for 13 oz draft
    Belgian Blonde ale with some from spice notes.

To look for more brews from LPB go to this and page.

What People are Saying?

A Review from TripAdvisor said that the LBP is a great brewery run by great people. The warm atmosphere sums up in liking the whole brewery.’

Address: 884 South Buckley Road, Aurora, CO

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