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Hoffman Heights

A 400-acre community across the street from the Children’s Hospital and CU Anschutz Medical Campus is Hoffman Heights. Aurora’s precious jewel heights is a diverse area that includes Peoria Street to the west and Potomac Street to the east, East Sixth Avenue to the south, and East 13th Avenue to the north. EZ Aurora Junk Removal

Prior to World War II, the area was in unincorporated Arapahoe County, which was known as Cottonwood Farm, where alfalfa, beets, and potatoes were grown by the Maul family. The family’s farmhouse was a few distances away from what is today East 11th Avenue and Qari Street. Hoffman Heights was established because of the need for more housing projects during the post-World War II destructions.

This community has planned and designed by a community builder named Sam Hoffman. Aurora was starting to increase in popularity because of the proximity to the Fitzsimmons Army Medical Hospital and Lowry Air Force Base and has been considered as an attractive subdivision for potential homebuyers during the post-World War II.

Arapahoe County’s population had a massive rise from 31,150 residents in 1930 up to 93,451 in 20 years, representing a great increase of 177.6 percent was one of the main reasons for the high in populations was the development of Hoffman Heights subdivision.

Who is Sam Hoffman?

Sam Hoffman was born in Russia in 1901, left for his home country for America at a very young age. He learned English and has already plastered trade during the 1920s, the have turned to the trucking company during the Great Depression.

After the bankruptcy of his trucking company, Hoffman has moved to Arizona and began buying and gaining from marketing small homes. 1947 when he founded the F & S Construction Company together with his son, Jack Hoffman.

Over 6 years beginning in 1947, Hoffman has developed communities across the West including the beautiful Beaulah Heights in Pueblo.

Hoffman Heights Today

Hoffman Heights today is a neighborhood that has a strong Hispanic, African, Asian, and American community. Restaurants within the area certainly reflect the diverse ties of the residents. Among one they are China Chef at 639 Peoria St Aurora, Colorado, and Pho Duy Restaurant at 680 Peoria St., Aurora, CO.

Across Colfax Avenue coming from the CU Anschutz Medical Campus are some of the mainstream sports to grab a coffee or a bite, too – such as Caribou Coffee and Chiptole Mexican Grill.

New developments in the neighborhood have jumped a bit in recent years with the building of the 249 room Hyatt Hotel that is meant to provide lodging for many doctors and researchers who come and co from the medical campus.

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