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Colorado Freedom Memorial

The Colorado Freedom Memorial is located in Aurora, Colorado few distances away from Buckley Air Force Base. With the beautiful architectural design of glass panels that reflects through Colorado’s mountain range and blue skies, this Memorial Center holds the name of over 6,000 Coloradans that were killed or missing. The essence of the Colorado Freedom Memorial is meant to reflect the chaotic situation of war including the shuffling of the name.

The heroes have left the mountain of home just to fight in places they’ve never been and are unaware of, responding to the nation’s call to duty. Over half the men and women honored on the Memorial have never had the chance to return home, their remains lost at sea, and has never been recovered behind the line of the enemy. This is also for the families that were left by these heroes in order for them to commemorate their dearly departed loved ones.

The Mission

Their mission is to provide a place of beauty and reverence where the family of the departed veterans and their comrades can find peace in the memory of their loved ones. Educating all who have seen this monument the magnitude of loss the nation has shared in the name of freedom. Maintaining this memorial in Aurora to honor the Coloradoans who left everything behind just to fight for freedom and have never returned.


Sadly, the Colorado Freedom Memorial isn’t 100% accurate. Five years after the dedication that we all know full well our work is far from over. The Memorial is excited to announce a campaign to locate the names of the fallen veterans that should be on the Memorial. The organization will be reaching out to all 64 counties of Colorado to ask citizens to check their individual databases to make sure that their fallen family members are remembered. EZ Aurora Junk Removal


Everyone is highly encouraged to get involved with any help that you can give whether it’s monetary or services and services. The Colorado Freedom Memorial Foundation is a tax-exempt organization, so if you would like to make any donations you can do so through mail or PayPal, just go through this page.


The Colorado Freedom Museum Foundation is spearheaded by a respective Board of Directors that volunteers and donated considerable energy and time to the purpose of all of this. If you would like to join the group as one of the advisors, or maybe participate in any other way, just contact them here and just send your thoughts.

Address: 756 Telluride St, Aurora, CO 

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