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Stanley Marketplace

Stanley Marketplace is located in Aurora, Colorado and it has been a great place for the community because of its 50+ businesses working together in offering everyone a place to drink, dine, play, learn, work, gather, grow, and explore, and of course to see your special friends or even make a new one. Stanley Marketplace is open every day in the northwestern part of Aurora on the border of the neighborhood of Denver Central Park.

The community of Stanley Marketplace believes in doing things differently by sustaining, thoughtfully, as well as creatively. They are very passionate about bringing people together and making people happy by connecting different communities, generations, friends, or maybe strangers. They enable the spirit and importance of spending time with the family and friends in such a beautiful place with excellent food and view.

The Hangar

One of the largest and most dynamic event spaces, with its 18K+ square feet indoor and outdoor venue that is perfect for all kinds of events such as parties, festivals, theatrical production, wedding, and so much more.


    A Scandinavian curated collection featuring the very best clothing and gear for women and men of Scandinavia. EZ Aurora Junk Removal
  • Annette
    Scratch-to-table and wood-fired locally sourced with seasons that honor people’s passion for food, embody craftsmanship and nourish consumers. Annette proudly presents their 2019 Food and Wine Best New Chef and many-time finalist for James Beard awards, Chef Caroline Glover.
  • Bounce and Gymnastics
    A studio that offers daily recreational gymnastics classes that is an open gym for ages 0-5, Bounce Nights for 5 and up, as well as birthday parties. The mission of Bounce is to offer the best classes, by the best and well-trained instructors to the happiest students.
  • Create Cooking School
    A small-group class in a varied cuisine that is for both adults and kids. They have usual changes in their schedules for one of the most fun ways to spend an evening with the whole family. Besides that, they also manage a cocktail bar throughout their space that is open for guests 21+.

Review From Past Visitors

Stanley Marketplace has been ranked number 4 of 28 things to do in Aurora with a 4.5-star review out of 4 by 52 individuals. 36 voted for excellent whilst 7 voted for average. Comment from William O from Johnstown, Colorado said that it has a portion of good food and drink and is a great place to try lots of variety of food, drink, as well as a small shop. They also mentioned that they always liked going there for special events in the Hanger.


Address: 2501 Dallas St, Aurora, CO

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