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Best Aurora Colorado Attractions

Individuals who have never visited the Midwest are missing out. The midwestern portion of the United States is gorgeous. It has plenty of beautiful landscapes and cute animals. People who live in the east or south should think about visiting Colorado at some point. It has a lot to offer. However, some Colorado cities are more impressive than others. One of the best destinations in Colorado is Aurora. Below, you’ll discover more about the best attractions in Aurora, Colorado.

Aurora History Museum

Are you interested in learning more about the history of Aurora? The city is overflowing with a rich history. The museum is conveniently located ensuring that you can access it easily. Wake up in the morning and stop at the Aurora History Museum to see some of the city’s coolest artifacts. The museum opened to the public in 1979. It has many exhibits, including Woody Crumbo’s art, the Aurora Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame, and more. Be sure to visit this attraction to learn more about Aurora.

Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre

When you travel to Aurora, you should try to visit the Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre. It is one of the liveliest attractions in Aurora. In general, the attraction is open from May to September and hosts a variety of concerts and performances. It can support up to 18,000 individuals. Be sure to check the schedule before planning your trip. You won’t be disappointed since the Amphitheatre has something for everyone.

Plains Conservation Center

Take your kids to the Plains Conservation Center. It is a great destination for young people. It has two sites spanning over 8,800 acres. The outdoor education facility is beautiful. It is designed to educate children about the state’s eco-history and ongoing conservation efforts. The center has a lot of fun events for children, but they’re good for adults too. Tourists who will be traveling with young kids should consider visiting the Plains Conservation Center.

Centennial Center Park

Tourists will also want to travel to the Centennial Center Park. It is a great park for children since it has a large playground, splash pad, and sandpit. You can also enjoy the amphitheater. The area is gorgeous making it great for tourists of all ages. It has enough space for groups of all sizes. In general, the Park is open first thing in the morning and closes at 10 PM each night. When you decide to travel to Aurora, you should not hesitate to visit this attraction.