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Basement Storage Ideas To Optimize Your Space

Properly organizing your basement will make a big difference in the long run. If you’ve overcluttered your basement, there is a good chance that you can’t walk around it comfortably. Instead, you’ll run into stuff and nearly trip and fall. Once this starts happening, you’ll want to take steps to fix it. One of the best ways to do that is by decluttering your basement before properly organizing your belongings. Within this guide, you’ll discover ideas for optimizing the space in your basement. EZ Aurora Junk Removal

Safely Storing Stuff In Your Basement

Before you can store stuff in your basement, you need to learn more about your basement. What type of basement do you have? Is it a finished basement or an unfinished basement? You’ll find that unfinished basements tend to have humidity and moisture issues. Therefore, you have to be very careful about the items you store in your unfinished basement. Make sure you use the tips below to avoid running into problems.
  • If your basement is unfinished, you shouldn’t store important documents down there. Papers and photos would likely be destroyed by the excess moisture.
  • Is your basement experiencing a moisture issue? If so, you should protect your basement by painting the walls with a waterproof primer.
  • Try installing and using a dehumidifier to combat humidity issues.
  • When you find puddles of water in your basement, find out where it is coming from. Deal with it promptly.
  • Keep your items off the ground to prevent them from being destroyed by leaks or floods.

Ideas For Proper Basement Organization

You’ll want to use your basement space to the best of your ability. Organizing your stuff correctly will prove to make a big difference. Therefore, you should follow the information below to ensure that you’ll get more from the limited space in your basement.

Using Cabinets And Shelves

First, you’ll want to try stacking your belongings upward instead of side to side. When you stack items vertically, you’ll be able to clear space on the ground. It’ll help you avoid tripping over your items. Use cabinets and shelves to get the most out of your vertical space.

Store In Containers

Next, you should begin storing your belongings in containers. Be sure to use airtight containers because they’ll protect your stuff. Since they’re airtight, they’re going to keep moisture out. Even if you have a finished basement, you can benefit from clear containers. They’ll help you keep your items organized and you’ll always know what is stored in the boxes.

Seasonal Groups

Don’t forget to group your items depending on the season. After all, you’re going to need certain items depending on the upcoming season. Before Christmas, you’ll need to get your Christmas tree and lights. It’ll be easier to get these items if they’re stored together. You should also store the next season’s items in the front so you can access them easier. Take advantage of this tip to make your life a bit easier.

Food Storage

It is a good idea to store food products in your basement too. Just remember that not all foods should be stored here. Instead, you should only store non-perishable foods in your basement. For instance, you should store dry foods and canned goods. You can store an emergency supply of foods in your basement since you never know what is going to happen.

Use The Space Under The Stairs

You should use the space under your stairs to your benefit. You’ll likely need this space for some of your items. To keep them concealed, you can install a curtain. It’ll hide the items from view. You can install a computer desk down there or place your kid’s toys there. The possibilities are endless.

Laundry Room Space

You might want to turn your basement into a new laundry room. You’re likely tired of hearing your washer and drier while you try to sleep. If so, you should place these appliances downstairs. Doing so will ensure that they’re going to be quiet. You won’t be able to hear them when they’re downstairs. You’ll also have enough space for everything you need down there.


If you like the idea of working from home, you should turn your basement into your new workspace. Whether you work with your hands or on a computer, you should turn your basement into a workspace. You have plenty of room down there so you should use it to your advantage. Place your drill and saw in the basement. After that, you’ll be able to get things done without bothering anyway.

Living Space

Finally, you may want to consider turning your basement into extra living space. You might not have enough space in your home for your guests. If so, you should mix things up a bit. Create a guest room in your basement to ensure they’ll have a place to sleep comfortably. Turn your basement into a finished basement. Then, you can create an extra bedroom down there. When your guests visit, they’ll love sleeping in your comfortable basement. Do you need to remove items from your basement? Call our office. Our junk removal experts will take your unwanted items from your basement and dispose of them for you.

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